The Initial Days…

The Initial Days…

Comparison with someone or with something is bad. You can say it is a sign of lack of confidence on his/her abilities. However there is another way to look at it. Comparison can help us in learning good things from others.

Today when I take a glance at the fortune 500 companies or the most successful companies, I just imagine how extraordinary and extravagant the initial stages were when they started. It still wonders me how they have come a long way. For Instance, Apple, the most prestigious company, started from a garage, has been able to go beyond limit. The Oracle, another company started from a basement, turned into a giant when IBM even refuses to give them the System R database. Even Google, the idea of two Ms-students, is another big success story. There are a many examples; if you are thinking that it has happened only in US, it is a big mistake. You cannot forget Indian IT giant, Infosys, started from a rented living room of Narayan Murthy family. Now, Infosys is a household name in all Indian families. Other than IT, you will find a lot success stories in India; be it Reliance or NIIT, they all started from nowhere.

Despite of a lot of different backgrounds and cultural difference, they all have the common attributes which is passion, dedication, can do approach and ability to survive in any situation. Taking pain and growing is only way to progress.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”   Anaïs Nin

Therefore be a riser and take pain to write history of Oretes.

Keep Growing & Winning,


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