The Technology

The Technology

When I think about human evolution, it has always amazed me. Why because how brilliantly the whole processes develop and grow is unbelievable. First thing the human feel other than hunger and curiosity is fear and that makes him/her to learn and think. After Philosophy, human started making things disciplined and try to use  parameters to measure . Then mathematics come;  its always proud for us as an Indian. Philosophy  & mathematics come from India. But, technology is with human society from its beginning. When human started to save himself he use wood stick or when he go for hunt he use stones.

So, technology is part of our life without which human never exits. But with human revolution technologies also enveloped and we are into the era of technology. But technologies have their own demerits; it changes. In modern era, it changes very fast. The person who first started using stick definitely had edge over others but if he come today and say I know stick use, People give him stick. You can take very recent example of Magnetic tape cassettes and  CD/DVD. Now its rare to see cassettes but CD/DVD are everywhere its all about paradigm shifts of technology. The Point I want to mention that every era has a edge technologies or I can put in this manner that all the technologies have a period or age of zenith afterwards paradigm shift happens.

Now, SAP products for ERP have very good market support SAP-HANA,SAP-Mobility SAP-ISU etc are very new to market .These all are technologies and they have their own life of dominances .SO the most important is We need to get the maximum out from the product during its Zenith which will slowly coming on. SO we are not going to miss this train other-wise someone else take that, SO value to time and technologies  be skillful to take the benefits of it.SO Oretes have to do more in less time like training, Support, mentoring, upgradation, implementation ,consulting and rapid-solution development in SAP-ISU for utilities.


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