Limit and Beyond Limit

Limit and Beyond Limit

Our nation is now known as youth nation; we are somehow forgetting our youth icon. Let me share the thoughts of Vivekanandji (the real youth icon of India), he said that there are three types of work and also work can be done by someone due to three reasons.

  1. Work is for yourself
  2. Work is for others
  3. Work is for society

There is one more type called Nirguna karma as per Srimadh Bhagabat Gita

Let’s talk about first 3 types and its impact. Someday I will tell you about Nirguna Karma. The first one is definitely has many side effects if someone works only for him/her.  He/she will become selfish and narrow minded and also he/she makes his/her own limit unconsciously. If someone is working for others, it is termed as good work. It will give him/her internal peace, satisfaction for the achievement and respect from others. There is 3rd kind of work which is definitely better than 2nd & 1st, that is work for society. It gives you immortality and you feel as if whole earth is your family and you are just one of them. Someone will get love which is limitless or beyond limit due to this type of work.

Now the question arises why someone does and why not others .The answer stays within the reasons of work.  As I mentioned earlier, there are 3 reasons why someone does work. First one is work due to fear or pressure like the slaves do , wherein the efficiency level of that work is 33%.The second type is work out of greeds is for getting physical luxuries which gives you a result of only 66%. But the last one is work out of Passion wherein the people love the work they do. The 1st and 2nd type of work have a certain limit but 3rd one goes beyond limit and make its own bench mark.

Oretesians definitely do the work out of passion which will help us to go beyond the limits that will be seen by time.

“Love your work and go beyond limit.”

Keep Growing & Winning,



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