Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life

Philosophical thoughts can make people bored sometime. Be prepare to be bored for next 2 mins. It always wonder me why people are sad or not happy or giving fake smiles; the answer is they are not enjoying their life. To enjoy your life you need not required money, assets or any physical material things . As per Osho, the happiness comes from the core of your heart and it’s not linked with material world. Now let’s understand why and how it comes:

  1. Joy of learning :

If someone observes a child , he/she always tries to understand new things he/she always wonders with the existence of world around him/her. Similarly If we do not know about some thing and suddenly we become aware about that, it gives a joy to us. Even when we know something and we are applying that give us joy like someone used a tool to break the password. Joy of learning is so powerful that people showcase the excitement and zeal by shouting eureka  eureka. .. so Learn and enjoy the life and magical thing is that you can learn from anybody and everybody just we have to very receptible .

  1. Joy of Giving:

The next kind of joy comes when you help somebody like someone is thirsty and you give him/her glass of water so that gives a satisfaction to the thirsty person and joy to you. Even you can do practical by helping someone who requires, you feel the joy. But the condition is he/she really needs that thing. Joy of giving will not come with a hidden agenda or with a expectation out of that; in both the cases, you will get sadness because that attachment keep on hurting you. For the joy of giving, King Bali is accepted in hell and karna accepted defeat & death. It is the giving which gives joy, before that hell, death, defeat & nothing stands.

  1. Joy of recognizing:

Joy of recognizing happens in our day to day life. You meet someone, say hi , he/she replies and that gives a good feeling. If you meet an old friend, it comes automatically. Again there are two types,  one is intra and other one is inter; in both the cases, the result is same- its enjoyment. If someone is doing good, recognize that gives happiness to both, similarly, someone recognizes you that will also give you enjoyment. Therefore  people pray to GOD to recognize the superpower and in that process, enjoy the recognization and also discover themselves .

  1. Joy of Love:

The last one is Joy of love which I am leaving with you to enjoy.

Now, Our point is how we enjoy our life by implanting these philosophies in the workplace. That make life enjoyable and condition is , you need a big heart to enjoy!


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