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About Oretes Consulting Pvt. Ltd

Oretes provides technology services based on AI, SAP, IOT, Blockchain, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Digital Marketing which addresses complex business needs. We believe in business and social leadership with the essence of saving resources. The company commits to providing creative value proposition along with quality at its best. We help in contributing with the best solution in the Utility sector, IT Services Sector, Advertisement Sector, Social Entrepreneurship Sector, Research Consultancies, Outsourcing Sector and Educational Training in Both Online and Offline to transform and thrive in a changing world. The company commits to providing creative value proposition along with quality at its best. We help in contributing to the best solution in Utility, Retail, Small, Medium and Large corporate houses, Financial businesses etc. to transform and thrive in a changing world. We firmly believe in client satisfaction, moral values, smart solutions by innovation and synthesitation.

Oretes thrives on the sense of equality, faithfulness, dedication, determination and can do approach. It’s a sincere effort from a bunch of thorough professionals to contribute to the society.


Oretes make people Skillful and resourceful to grow in their life and contribute to society growth. Oretes contributes its whole to make this world better than before. Orates cultivate values of honesty & transparency, respect for the individual, commitment to quality and high standard, passion for performance and sensitivity to social and ethical Issues


Oretes has a vision of e tending services and effective business management to innovation, change management and the creation of a future-based business model for the growth of the society.
Oretes also believes in contributing the best solutions in the IT and utility sector to make the IT product/ solution simple and understandable for the consumers and utility companies.


Our key strategic imperative now is to shift our focus in providing solutions to the end users rather than only items. We shall work continuously to provide our customers with service and quality products at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on being the customer’s first choice, which is also our mission. When it comes to ethics and integrity there can be no compromises, no excuses.
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Benefits of Choosing Oretes
Over the years, we have delivered top-notch solutions to our clients. There are many reasons as to why our clients choose Oretes over others. We have mentioned a few of the differentiators that make Oretes superior to thers:
1. Customer- Focused Approach
2. Vast Domain Experience
3. The Pool O Best Talents
4. No Compromises Over Quality
5. Technology Competence
6. Top Notch Innovations

Meet Our Team

Welcome to the heart of innovation and excellence – our vibrant and talented  team. Comprising passionate individuals driven by a shared commitment to excellence, creativity, and cutting-edge technology, our team is the driving force behind the success of our software solutions.

At Oretes, our team is not just a group of individuals working together, it’s a community of innovators, collaborators, and problem solvers. With a shared passion for technology and a commitment to excellence, we’re driving the future of software solutions. Together, we’re not just creating software; we’re crafting experiences that redefine possibilities and set new standards in the industry.

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