Website Design – PHP MySQL and JavaScript Training in Bhubaneswar

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<h3><strong>Learn Web Design with PHP / MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript and CSS. Course comes with Certificate of Completion.</strong></h3>
<h1>What will I learn?</h1>
<li>How to build functional, full-featured websites that utilize MySQL, PHP and other current web development technologies.</li>
<li>How to install, configure and modify functional PHP constructs and MySQL databases for the web.</li>
<li>How to pair a secure PHP / MySQL backend of a website with a compelling visual interface made with CSS, AJAX, and JavaScript code.</li>
<li>The basic principles and best practices of PHP and MySQL in a relevant, real world project.</li>
<h5>A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course.</h5>
This Dynamic Web Design with PHP and MySQL training course will give you a working understanding of these important technologies and show you how to use them to create your own impressive websites. When used in combination, there simply isn’t a better way to construct sites that involve complexity, large volumes of data, and the flexibility to make adjustments and changes over time. This course goes step by step through the basics of each technology, and then gradually shows you how to build the necessary components and underlying framework of your site. It goes through installation of PHP and MySQL technologies on your local machine as well as hosted servers, explains basic tags, commands and constructs, and helps you build and work within a solid back-end database. One you have the basics of PHP and MySQL covered, you’ll also learn how to use CSS, JavaScript and AJAX to create the visual style and added functionality your pages deserve.
<h1>Who is the target audience?</h1>
<li>Individuals and small business owners interested in creating their own fully featured websites with total control over data management, functionality and visual appearance.</li>
<li>Web developers and programmers looking to learn a new language and set of standards.</li>
<li>Anyone who has used basic CMS or templates to create basic websites in the past but want much more control.</li>
<li>Anyone who has tried to learn PHP or MySQL in the past but found it difficult due to a lack of practical examples.</li>
<strong>Duration: 60 hr</strong>

<strong>Batch :

1st Batch Program Start From: May 20th 2019 (8:30 Am-10:30 Am &amp; 5:30Pm-7:30Pm)

2nd Batch Program Start From: May 27th 2019 (8:30 Am-10:30 Am &amp; 5:30Pm-7:30Pm)

3rd Batch Program Start From: June 17th 2019 (8:30 Am-10:30 Am &amp; 5:30Pm-7:30Pm)

4th Batch Program Start From: June 24nd 2019 (8:30 Am-10:30 Am &amp; 5:30Pm-7:30Pm)

5th Batch Program Start From: July 15th 2019 (8:30 Am-10:30 Am &amp; 5:30Pm-7:30Pm)

6th Batch Program Start From: July 22th 2019 (8:30 Am-10:30 Am &amp; 5:30Pm-7:30Pm)
<h2><strong>Fee Payment Details: </strong></h2>
<li><strong>Rs.6600/</strong>per participant it Includes Taxes, Registration kit, Hands-On Lab, team working materials, Certification Cost, Human Resources fee.(group discounts are also available).</li>
<li>Register by paying full payment at our office or by Online Mode.</li>
<strong>Bank Details:</strong>

HDFC, Khandagiri
A/C: 50200007243657
Oretes Consulting PVT. LTD.
IFSC Code:HDFC0003722

<strong>Group Discount:</strong>
<li><strong>3 Participants:</strong> Fee per participant is <strong>Rs.6000 i.e. (3*6000=Rs.18,000)</strong> is payable by the Group.</li>
<li><strong>5 Participants:</strong> Fee per participant is<strong> Rs.5600 i.e. (5*5600=Rs.28,000)</strong> is payable by the Group.</li>
<li><strong>8 Participants:</strong> Fee per participant is <strong>Rs.5250 i.e. (8*5250=Rs.42,000)</strong> is payable by the Group.</li>
<li><strong>12 Participants:</strong> Fee per participant is <strong>Rs.5000 i.e. (12*5000=Rs.60,000)</strong> is payable by the Group.</li>
<div class=”pm-button”><a href=””><img class=”aligncenter” src=”” /></a><strong>Important Facts</strong></div>
<li>Early bird group discount available only till <strong>27th April, 2019.</strong></li>
<li>The entire participant fee in a group should be collected by a Group Representative and deposited in the above given account in a single transaction</li>
<li>Group can use any one of the above mentioned payment methods to confirm your seats after completing the payment procedure group representative need to send a mail consists of proof of fee transaction along with all the group member details in an excel sheet mention Name, College Name, Mail id, Mob no. of each member in the team.</li>
<li>Internship passes of all the members in a group will only be send to group representative mail id it is his/her responsibility give pass to respective team members</li>
<strong>EMAIL FORMAT</strong>
<li><strong>Mail Subject:</strong> Internship Name_Batch Date__Time__</li>
<li><strong>Content:</strong> 1. Bank Name, 2. Details of the group participants in an Excel Sheet That will contain Each participant – Name, College Name, Mail Id, Contact Number.</li>
<li><strong>Attachment:</strong> Screen shot of the transaction or a Scan copy of Counterfoil/Receipt and Excel Sheet with Team member Details.</li>
<li>Your group Registration will be confirmed once you have send the scanned copy of the counter foil/Transaction Screen shot/ Coordinator Receipt to above mentioned mail id</li>
<li>You will receive an acknowledgement mail from Oretes confirming the payment subsequently you / your team will receive Internship Passes.</li>
<strong>Note:</strong> Mail without the above details will be rejected straightaway.

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